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Best Detective Services in Hyderabad, Real eye Detectives

Hyderabad Detective Services has impressively accepted and solved many investigation cases in Andhra Pradesh
and other parts of India. All the investigations are completely planned and carried out with extreme secrecy.

A To Z Investigations

We Undertake A2Z Personal, Matrimonial and Business Investigations.

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100% Confidential

We work very Confidentially and keep highest degree of Secrecy.

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Latest Technology

We are investigate with all latest Technology. We do Work in all areas.

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We expertise in legal investigations and extra marital affairs.

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About Us

Hyderabad Detective Services is aimed to impart peace to its clients with all new types of observation and protection systems.
Hyderabad Detective Services provides highly modified and world class techniques to find the fact.Our team is
aimed to reduce the investment during investigation and provide extra advantages. We provide wide range of detective services and solutions which includes :

  • Individual Services

    Individual services for Pre/Post marriage related works, love/extramarital affairs

  • Alimony/Divorce

    alimony/divorce topics, activities of student observation

  • Missing Persons

    tracking of missing persons, cases of abducting/seizing somebody, robbery investigation

  • Business Service

    Business Service includes Pre/Post job confirmations, cheating/fraud cases, secret missions

  • Intellectual Property

    violation of Patent/Trademark/Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights issues, services of debugging

  • Cyber Crime

    enquiry of cyber crime, Illegal money transfer verification, Bank Accounts verification, tracking of loans and finance


Highly recommend this agency professional work, responsibility, fair and reasonable fees, I continue to refer friends here as I trust this team. They go above and beyond for their clients. Thank You Private Detective Agency Hyderabad. Detective Services Hyderabad.

Ramya N / Manager of Private Bank

The agency were very professional. They're quick and attentive to what I'm looking for to be done. Very knowledgeable. Competent and efficient in finishing the job.Sure i can suggest them others. Detectives in Hyderabad Thank You.

Personal Services

Pre & Post Matrimonial, Extra Marital Affairs, Love Affairs, Divorce Cases, Student Activities, Surveying.

Corporate Services

We Provide Corporate Services Like Pre & Post Employment Verifications, Frauds, Cheating And Embezzlements.

Legal Services

Legal and Insurance Services, Service For The Legal Profession, Service For The Insurence Sector.

Missing Tracing

Tracing Missing Persons, Individuals, Properties, Bank Accounts, Other Business Information.

Spy Software & Gadgets

We Provide Spy Softwares, Spy Cameras Gadgets To Capture Evidences To Prove. Spy Gadgets.

Surveillance Watching

Surveillance Watching, Close Watching and Observation of daily activities of person.

Detective Products

Private Detectives Agents Used So Many Spy Products To Get Collect Evidences
Spy Cameras, Watches, Special Gadgets Softwares Etc

Hyderabad Detective Services, Represented By RealEyeDetectives

We Provide AtoZ Investigation Services Matrimonial,Love Affairs,Missing Person Tracing Etc

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