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Our Services

Personal and Individual Services:



Extra Marital Affairs

Love Affairs

Divorce Cases

Missing Cases

Student Activities


Surveillance (Close Watching and Observation)

We validate information relating to:

Character verification of the person

Verification of social reputation of the person

Information relating to the person’s employment/business

Detailed background report of the person’s activates

Education History of the person

Past broken/unbroken Marriages if any

Social status and reputation of the family

Financial status of the family

A to Z Activity Of The Person




Bank Accounts

Other Business Information

Corporate Service:

Pre-Employment Verifications

Post-Employment Verifications

Frauds, Cheating and Embezzlements

Debugging Services

Legal and Insurance Services:

Service for the legal Profession

Service for the Insurance Sector

Spy Software & Gadgets

Spy Softwares Android Ios Windows

Spy Cameras, Gps Tracking Devices

Personal Services

Pre & Post Matrimonial, Extra Marital Affairs, Love Affairs, Divorce Cases, Student Activities, Surveying.

Corporate Services

We Provide Corporate Services Like Pre & Post Employment Verifications, Frauds, Cheating And Embezzlements.

Legal Services

Legal and Insurance Services, Service For The Legal Profession, Service For The Insurence Sector.

Missing Tracing

Tracing Missing Persons, Individuals, Properties, Bank Accounts, Other Business Information.

Spy Software & Gadgets

We Provide Spy Softwares, Spy Cameras Gadgets To Capture Evidences To Prove. Spy Gadgets.

Surveillance Watching

Surveillance Watching, Close Watching and Observation of daily activities of person.

Our Clients

We Provide Verification & Detective Services To So Many Clients MNC Company's Like
Private Banks, Matrimonial Websites, Top Mnc Companys, Individuvals, Etc!

Hyderabad Detective Services, Represented By RealEyeDetectives

We Provide AtoZ Investigation Services Matrimonial,Love Affairs,Missing Person Tracing Etc

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